Pursuit of Experience

Pursuit of Experience

Full transparency, this post was prompted (i.e. inspired) by three words I heard in Tim Ferris' latest podcast with CEO Coach Matt Mochary and those words were chasing the "Pursuit of Experience".  In my normal evening commute I honestly normally zone out on whatever podcast, talk radio or audiobook is blaring in the background but for some reason this time I was tuned in and it made me perk up.  Admittingly I told Siri to write down a note for my next blog or else knowing my own mind I would forget in the next 5 seconds.  So here we are looking a little deeper into the phrase and why I think it is relevant to my current mindset at 42 vs when I was 32 years old.

We have all heard the phrase "chasing the pursuit of happiness"  but changing up that perspective it is really the experience that we are striving for, whether because that makes us happy or because we are super competitive and the experience allows for reaching that end goal.  The one thing I know for sure as I have gotten older is that chasing materialistic things bring temporary happiness versus chasing the experiences that drive memories is the penultimate rush.  Without a doubt the younger me would have been writing this in hopes of reaching financial success so I could afford, without regret, a Porsche or a vintage Patek, but the older (hopefully more mature) me is trying to focus on the moments.

In today's fast-paced and social media inspired world it is hard to focus on the moments and experiences vs the next flashy or fancy thing that will impress the easily impressionable neighbor or friend.  However there is hope, many people have come to realize the importance of the experiences rather than material possessions. Pursuing experiences means living life to the fullest, seeking new challenges, and constantly pushing oneself mentally, emotionally and even in some cases physically.

Experiences can be defined as the unique moments that shape our lives, our kids and families lives, and stay with us forever. These moments can be as simple as a sunset (or in my case a morning sunrise on the islands), a conversation with a friend, or a new activity that you try for the first time. However, they can also be more complex, such as travelling to a new country, volunteering your time for a good cause, or starting a new business that you believe in the overall mission.

The pursuit of experience is about seeking out these moments and creating memories that will last a lifetime. It involves stepping outside of your comfort zone, trying new things, and taking risks. It can be scary at times, but it is also incredibly rewarding.

One of the main benefits I see is that it allows us to grow as individuals. By trying new things and taking on new challenges, we can develop new skills, gain new perspectives, and learn more about ourselves. This can help us to become more confident, independent, and self-aware.

In addition, these experiences can also bring us closer to others. Whether it's travelling with friends or volunteering in the community, sharing experiences with others can help to strengthen bonds and build lasting relationships. It can also help us to appreciate the diversity and richness of the world around us.

Of course, pursuing experiences is not without its challenges. It often requires time, effort, and resources, and it can sometimes involve risk and uncertainty. However, the rewards far outweigh the costs. By investing in our experiences, we invest in our own growth and happiness. If there is one thing I am trying to teach my kids as they grow up and become more impressionable is it is not about the things you consume or amass but rather the memories you can look back on 50 years from now and silently put a smile in your heart. 

The "pursuit of experience" is about living life to the fullest, seeking new challenges, and creating lasting memories.  While it may not always be easy to chase those experiences and some might not understand the reasons, it is ultimately one of the most rewarding and fulfilling ways to live our lives. Remember you can read about all these amazing places and things to do, but knowledge is not greater than experiencing!

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